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This service is not a public notice advertising placement service. It’s a repository for public notices that have been published in Indiana newspapers.

Questions regarding this website should be sent to Shawn Goldsby at [email protected]. If you want to place a notice contact your local newspaper!
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IT’S THE LAW! In Indiana, the Public Notice Advertising Law (IC 5-3-1) joins the Open Door Law (IC 5-14-1.5) and the Access to Public Records Act (IC 5-14-3) to form the three pillars that support the public’s right to know what government is doing or contemplating.

IT’S COMPREHENSIVE! The publication of public notices puts information about local, county and state government as well as local and state courts in places where people are likely to find it, resulting in maximum government transparency. The four elements of effective public notice are:

Independent third party: The responsibility of disseminating public notice stays with parties other than government units, creating an economic and civic interest in ensuring requirements are met.

Archivable: A system where public notices can be retrieved years later is necessary from legal and historical perspectives.

Accessible: On democratic principles, public notices should be made available to all segments of society.

Verifiable: Public notice must be given in a manner that proves there was no alteration from the original notice.